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Southern California Birth Photographer | Noble’s Birth Story | Redlands California

The first moment I met Sara I knew she was a special person, and I knew that I was going to not only have an amazing client but make an awesome friend as well. She was just as excited as I was about capturing her birth story, and after an epic Maternity session I couldn’t wait to see what thier birth story would bring.

That moment of getting the phone call in the middle of the night that you’ve been waiting months for is so exciting. It’s like Christmas morning not going to lie, tons of anticipation and excitement. Witnessing a birth will never get old, it’s just simply a one of a kind experience I hope everyone is able to witness one day. The energy in the room was so overwhleming, I got emotional and had to take a breather, hopefully that doesn’t sound to weird and someone understands what I am talking about lol

Her midwives were amazing during the whole thing, letting mama do what she felt was needed at the time, and just supported her when she needed them. I am so lucky to have met them and to have watched them in thier element

Thank you to this family x100000000.0000000, I couldn’t be more proud to say that I know you, and was there when you brought your sweet little man into the world. I know I have a friend for life (even if we’ll have to stay in touch on FB ) and I wish you all the best in your next adventure!


-If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime moment I would love to set up a meet up ! Email me at


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November 11, 2013 - 3:58 am

Lacey Hines - wow! what an amazing story you ave captured! i can’t wait until you can do this for us!! <3 your work!

November 11, 2013 - 4:01 am

Elaina - Absolutely breathtaking and wonderful in every way! Gave me goosebumps and made me teary. Perfect!

November 11, 2013 - 4:08 am

Erin - Absolutely amazing Melissa!
Love the video and can’t get over your attention to detail.
I wish birth photography would have been a bigger thing when I had Mads, I’d love to have images like this to look back on.

November 11, 2013 - 4:10 am

Kelly G - These are simply stunning!!!!!!!!! Seriously so beautifully captured. New life is so amazing. I think it’s only normal to be emotional during it!

November 11, 2013 - 4:15 am

Janelle - Absolutely soul-gripping emotion as I watch this video. Thank you for sharing life’s intricate details in such a compounding & heartfelt way…what an absolute treasure! Sara, you are inspiring!

November 11, 2013 - 4:18 am

Kelly G - WOW! The video is a tear jerker! So special.

November 11, 2013 - 4:31 am

Nikole - That was incredible. You have an amazing gift and they have created a beautiful family.

November 11, 2013 - 4:32 am

photogbymel - Thank you so much Lacey I can’t wait to be there!

November 11, 2013 - 4:33 am

photogbymel - Thank you so much Elaina!

November 11, 2013 - 4:40 am

photogbymel - Thank you so much Erin!!! There’s always next time 😉

November 11, 2013 - 4:40 am

photogbymel - Janelle, Thank you so much for the sweet words, Sara is definitely inspiring!

November 11, 2013 - 4:40 am

photogbymel - Kelly Thank you Love! <3

November 11, 2013 - 4:40 am

photogbymel - Nikole thank you so so so much! <3

November 12, 2013 - 1:13 am

Jennifer - That was absolutely beautiful ! INCREDIBLE work Melissa 😀

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