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10 Reasons why you should Hire a Professional Elopement Photographer when planning your Elopement

Planning an Elopement & why you should Hire a professional Elopement Photographer

You are planning an elopement / intimate wedding and one of the most important things to you are the photos that will carry on the memory of one of the most important days of your life. Why wouldn’t you want to hire a professional Elopement photographer who has been there and done that and can capture the moments for you.

Here are the many reasons why you want to hire that Professional photographer, and all of the reasons why you’ll be glad you did !! Wether you are planning on having an intimate wedding of 15 guests or a close group of 80 friends and family. You will want to remember the memories you may forget, and get those feelings drifting back to you when you look at the beautiful images you have always wanted.

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Why do you want to hire a professional Photographer to Capture your Elopement / Intimate wedding?

10 Reasons why you should hire a professional Elopement Photographer

1. Photos are one of the only visiual things that remain to remind you of your bigger than big day, you want them to be exactly what you remember from your day and not low quality replications of what they could be

2. When planning such an intimate time, you dont want to have to worry about the memories being missed by you when everything is going to go so fast ! Wedding days are stressful, even if its a small an intimate wedding. You want your photographer to be an assett, depending on someone any less than a professional can have you worrying about if they will be able to capture everything you want captured.

3. Lighting at any wedding wether small and intimate, or involving hundreds of people. Lighting is always an important factor. You want a photographer who understands lighting and who will know what to do when tricky lighting comes into play, somehting a non professional may not be equiped to deal with.

4. Photographers who have shot elopements and intimate weddings before know the shots to get and how to stay unnoticed when needed. A lot of things happen quickly during any wedding day, and someone who has the knowledge of when to expect the unexpected will be able to get those spontaneous moments for you! Even hiring a friend or photographer who hasnt captured an intimate wedding can be a little tricky, if they don’t know what to expect during the flow of a wedding day , they may miss a few important things!

5. A professional elopement photographer has the knowledge to keep everything moving smoothly on your day, and if that means keeping a time schedule to get those beautiful sunset Portraits, you better believe they will do everything to make that happen.

6. Posed photos will only give you so much of the story of your wedding day. You want a photographer who is able to see the inbetween candid moments. The emotional imagery of your day will be some of the most important images, and the ones that you will most cherish.

7. When Hiring a professional photographer, you want to make sure it’s one who truly takes the time to get to know you and what is important to you. Them having this knowledge is truly invaluable. They know you, they’ve taken the time to pay attention to what things you are really going to want captured and what not to miss.

8. When you look back in 10 years on the images from your wedding day do you want a bunch of thrown together photographs from friends? Or do you want to have an Epic account of your beautiful day, totally in sync with your vision and the way you imagined the most important day of your life to be?

9. Friends and guests may not be commited to capturing the FULL wedding day. Guests and or friends will get busy with enjoying themselves and may miss important key things going on during the day.

10. Cell phones can only be so reliable, you most definitely want your images in a high quality format you can blow up on your walls or print in a beautiful album. Hiring a professional who has the gear and knowlede of processing your once in a lifetime images is a given. These are the images that will be passed on to your children , and your children’s children.


Those who plan on eloping are usually those who want the intimate wedding feel, foregoing the huge cost of a big wedding and being able to focus on just the two of them and why they are getting married in the first place.
Most small weddings allow you to get those AMAZING jaw dropping images you are able to blow up and hang on your wall to show off, why not hire a professional to capture your elopment for you so you don’t look back and wish you had?

Hiring a professional elopement photographer

Southern California Intimate wedding and elopement photographer

Melissa Marie is a professional Intimate wedding and elopement photographer based out of Southern California. She shoots intimate weddings and elopements wherever her friends hearts take her to capture thier love adventures

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10 reasons why you need a professional photographer for your elopement

10 reasons why you need a professional photographer for your elopement


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